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how we cultivate hemp plants
SVC Labs

How We Cultivate Our Hemp Plants

The hemp industry is booming at the moment due to the increasing demand for CBD products, and cultivation is a huge part of this industry. When buying wholesale CBD or working with a manufacturer to create whit...

ultimate guide to tpd compliance
SVC Labs

The Ultimate Guide to TPD Compliance

Both consumers and producers of e-liquid containing products need to be clued up on TPD compliance. We all want to ensure that ourselves and our customers are staying safe and informed when using nicotine e-liq...

the people behind svc labs
SVC Labs

The People Behind SVC Labs – The Best Workforce For White-Label!

At SVC Labs, we are proud to have a team of motivated and experienced individuals who are all specialists in their respective fields – our team is the most important and valuable part of our company. Each...

start a cbd brand in hong kong
SVC Labs

The CBD Movement is Thriving in Hong Kong – Start Your CBD Brand Today!

In recent months, CBD products have become more and more easily accessible in Hong Kong. Stores, cafes, and online shops are opening up to offer this incredible product to a new customer base throughout the reg...

how are e-liquids made?
SVC Labs

How Are E-Liquids Made?

At SVC Labs, we are experts at producing some of the most delicious e-liquid flavours and brands in the UK. We have built up a wealth of knowledge, experience, and equipment over the last few years, as well as ...

why you should choose svc labs
SVC Labs

Why Choose SVC Labs?

At SVC Labs, we are dedicated to being the best in the business. We take a proactive approach to our clients’ white-label needs. We pride ourselves on principles of sustainability, quality, and honesty – ...

benefits of copacking
SVC Labs

The Benefits of Working With a Co-packer – Is Co-packing Right for Me?

What is Co-packing? ‘Co-packing’ is short for contract packaging. A co-packer company packages products for their clients in order to make them shelf-ready. These co-packing services may be used for a number of...

how are cbd products made
SVC Labs

How Are CBD Products Made?

We are all becoming increasingly more aware of the popularity and interest surrounding CBD. This compound has become one of the most talked-about phenomena recently; its supposed ability to aid many different h...

white label hand sanitiser
SVC Labs

Sell White Label Hand Sanitiser – SVC Labs

Selling hand sanitiser is more relevant now than ever, and I’m sure you can guess why. The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to the entire UK population needing their own supply of hand sanitiser and PPE.  At SVC La...

how to make money selling cbd
SVC Labs

How To Make Money Selling CBD

In recent years, the CBD industry has exploded in popularity. The power of the hemp plant is being recognised by health and wellness communities all over the world. This new, holistic approach to healing is bei...