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how do i find a good supplement manufacturer
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How To Find a Good Supplement Manufacturer – 7 Things To Look Out For

How Private Labelling Works

At SVC Labs, we offer private label supplement manufacturing services. In simple terms, this means you can utilise our facility and expertise to produce a range of supplement products, and label them with your brand name. You can choose from formulations we have already in stock, or we can work with you to create custom formulations. We offer endless packaging options, including bottles, jars, or pouches, as well as label design and printing. Scroll to point number 3 below to find out more about our full private label services.

What To Look For When Choosing Your Supplement Manufacturer:

1. What are Their MOQs, Lead Times, and Pricing?

When choosing your private label supplement manufacturer, you must consider the MOQs, lead times, and pricing. MOQ stands for minimum order quantity: this number must reflect your needs, as you don’t want to be forced to order an amount of product far larger than the amount you require. The lead time refers to how long it will take for your product to go through the full manufacturing process, ready to be shipped from the facility. 

At SVC Labs, we offer extremely competitive pricing with some of the lowest costs in the industry. We have invested heavily in automation to optimise our manufacturing process, meaning we can now afford to charge low costs to our clients. Our lead times vary from just 48 hours up to 3 weeks plus, depending on which private label service you choose. Get in touch today to find out more about our MOQs, lead times, and pricing. 

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2. Do They Create Custom Formulas?

Depending on which direction you would like to take your supplement brand, you may be looking to create custom formulations from scratch. Many manufacturers will simply sell bulk quantities of products they already produce. If you want to manufacture a product that reflects your brand in a more personal way, then you will likely be looking for somebody who can create custom formulations. 

At SVC Labs, we have qualified nutritionists, research and development scientists, and experienced managers who can provide a personalised service. Their professional advice & guidance will make the process of creating your custom products run smoothly. We have the ability to manufacture an endless selection of product types, including: vitamins, minerals, supplements, powders, tablets, capsules, raw ingredients, sachets, stick packs, and sublingual tablets. 


3. Do They Offer Other In-House Services?

The majority of people looking for a good supplement manufacturer will be expecting to receive some other in-house services. Some manufacturers may simply manufacture the product, but there are many other steps involved in the production process that can be just as important. 

At SVC Labs, we have multiple additional services which are included in our private label packages. You can pick and choose which of these services you require. Check out our White Label Manufacturing page for more information. These services include:

  • Research & development
  • Branding & design
  • Manufacturing
  • Labelling & packaging
  • Fulfilment and drop shipping

First, you choose the services that match your needs the most. Following this, we will deliver your products in a time frame that suits you. 

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4. What Certifications Do They Have?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a supplement manufacturer is certification. In fact, it is impossible to trust a manufacturer who does not possess genuine certifications from reputable agencies. 


GMP compliance is absolutely essential – this stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. A manufacturer with this certification will conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorisation and licensing of food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and dietary supplements. To sum up, this ensures a consistent high quality in every batch produced, but the main goal is to always prevent harm to the consumer. 


ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation. This agency develops and publishes international standards for all sorts of manufacturing practices. When looking for a supplement manufacturer, it is crucial that they have genuine ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification. Firstly, ISO 9001 verifies that an organisation meets the required standards for quality management principles. It helps to ensure that customers to this organisation get consistent, good quality products and services. Secondly, ISO 22000 provides reassurance within the global food supply chain. It ensures that manufacturers meet requirements for a food safety management system, and avoid food safety hazards. 


At SVC Labs, we possess GMP certification, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and some additional certifications. Not only are our supplements are organic certified by the organic food federation, but we also deal with the FSA, MHRA, FDA, and Trading Standards. Creating your private label supplement range with us means that you don’t have to worry about quality control, batch traceability, legality, or certification. In a word, we are experts in the field and have got all of this covered!

5. Do They Test Their Products?

This point somewhat comes under certification, but we will cover it separately because it’s immensely important. Of course, if you are going to sell a supplement range under your own brand name, you must be completely confident that the raw materials and batches undergo consistent and reliable testing procedures. Always ask your manufacturer for proof of testing (lab reports) before going ahead with your order. 

At SVC Labs, not only are all of our supplements third-party microbiologically tested, but every product will also come with a certificate of analysis.

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6. Do They Have Quality Assurance Procedures?

Similarly to testing and certification, your manufacturer should always abide by quality assurance procedures. Above all else, quality assurance fundamentally aims to ensure consistency, reliability, accuracy, and precision of reported test results. 

At SVC Labs, we implement testing throughout the entire production process to ensure complete integrity for your product. Our in-house testing is undertaken by our research and development team in conjunction with the liquid manufacturing and production team. In summary, this aims to evaluate the quality of each product throughout the manufacturing process. We have chemical analysis done via an external compliance agency; specifically, they use toxicological analysis procedures to ensure all products are 100% safe and legal to sell. 

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7. Do They Have Experience?

It is always a good idea to go with a supplement manufacturer who has experience in the industry. Of course, all manufacturers must start somewhere. But if you are looking for optimum quality and reliability, it is best to go with a well-established organisation. 

At SVC Labs, we manufacture for many of Europe’s leading suppliers, exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. We have been manufacturing since 2014, and have gone through this process countless times with many top brands.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more. Contact us here, or fill out our wholesale trade account form here. We look forward to working with you!