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How We Manufacture Bulk Hand Sanitiser

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At SVC Labs, we manufacture a range of hand sanitiser products alongside our CBD, e-liquid, and supplement manufacturing.Our mission is to help protect the people since the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to take advantage of our manufacturing facility and the resources we have available to help protect our neighbours in the one way that we could. We are proud to supply key workforces with bulk hand sanitiser products, including the Royal Mail postal service, the NHS, and the Metropolitan Police. 

Our Hand Sanitiser Ingredients

We have made our hand sanitiser formula to be as simple and effective as possible. We only use the necessary ingredients to ensure that our product kills microbes effectively, with no fuss. All of our formulations are GMP approved, easy to use, protective against germs, and moisturising to the skin. 

alcohol hand sanitiserOur hand sanitisers are made with either 60% or 70% Denatured Ethyl Alcohol: a product with at least 60% alcohol will work effectively at killing bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus. 


sanotizeSecondly, the product contains aqua (water) as a base. This ensures the product is super gentle and kind to the skin, with an extremely low risk of allergy or irritation. 

The next ingredient is Acrylates / C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer. This sounds confusing, but really this ingredient simply acts as a thickening agent and texture enhancer. In other words, this ingredient will turn our hand sanitiser solution from a liquid into a gel. 

Lastly, we have Triethanolamine. This ingredient also acts as an emulsifier to help all of the ingredients mix. 

Above all, we source all of our ingredients from trusted local suppliers. Not only is it great to be able to source from those we already trust, but it’s also brilliant to be able to support other businesses in our area. 

Our Manufacturing Process

hand sanitiser formulaOur research and development team worked hard developing a hand sanitiser formula that would effectively kill microbes, whilst being gentle and moisturising to the skin. We mix our formulas on site at our 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility here in the UK. 

hand sanitiser manufacturingAfter this, our formula is bottled and labelled on site too. We have invested heavily in automation and machinery to ensure that this process is as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Our whole team is trained on health & safety procedures, with extra precautions and measures being put in place since the Covid-19 pandemic. This ensures that we always meet the highest standards for safety and quality control during the manufacturing process. 

We have a number of different product types that we manufacture for our hand sanitiser solution. This includes:

100ml Hand Sanitiser Gelbulk hand sanitiser

300ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

500ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

hand sanitiser stations

5 Litre Hand Sanitiser Gel

Hand Sanitiser Stations



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